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Chosen Ones

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Title: Chosen Ones

Author: Veronica Roth

Page Count: 304

Series: The Chosen Ones, Book 1

Publishing Date/Publisher: April 7, 2020

Format: eBook

Review: This was a very original concept…what really happens to a hero after they have defeated evil? I think that Roth gives a really realistic depiction of how ordinary people would cope with extraordinary pressures and trauma.  I have always thought that being famous would be incredibly stressful – always dealing with scrutiny, invasion of privacy, and false narratives.  Each of the five heroes in this story deal with it differently, some withdrawing into anger or addiction, while others seemingly embrace it.  When evil rears it’s ugly head again, the heroes must take a critical look at the past, and what they think they know about themselves and each other.

It’s difficult for me to put my finger on why I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I thought I would.  Roth does a decent job of fleshing out the characters, but I think her set up took just a little too long.  I struggled to remain actively engaged and I could put this book down for days at a time without feeling compelled to pick it back up.  Now that the characters and story have been established, I imagine I would enjoy a sequel far more, though this is difficult for me to say with any certainty.  Considering this is accurate to how I felt when reading her Divergent series, I remain hopeful that the series will prove to be worth reading even though the way she ended it makes me uncertain.  It ended with a bang, but then tapered off into different directions.  If it wasn’t being advertised as the first in a series, I would have assumed it was a standalone.

Although this is Roth’s first “adult” fiction book, I still think it will mostly appeal to a younger demographic.

Reader: Bekah


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Queen of Air and Darkness

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Title: Queen of Air and Darkness

Author: Cassandra Clare

Performer: James Marsters

Length: 30 hr, 40 min, 56 sec

 Series: The Dark Artifices, Book 3

Publishing Date/Publisher: 2018 by Simon & Schuster Audio

Format: eAudiobook

Review: SO. MUCH. ANGST.  I generally enjoy Clare’s books for the most part.  They have intricate storylines and complex characters.  There are usually clearly defined conflicts and the endings are almost always satisfying.  This book checked all those boxes, but it was just so darn long and drawn out.  Every. single. relationship. was FILLED with angst.  Relationship building can do a lot to drive a story, however, there is a point where it starts to become tedious.  Clare loves writing forbidden love stories, as well as love triangles, and this series has that in spades.  I listened to this in audiobook format, and sometimes I would find myself tuning out during the more lengthy interactions between will-they-or-won’t-they couples/thruples.  There are a lot of characters to follow in this trilogy (including returning characters from past series), and I quickly realized that I needed to read detailed recaps of the previous two installments to get back up to speed on what was going on before the start of this book.  I did enjoy the story, but I think the book could have been significantly shorter without losing anything critical to the plot.

This is the first book of Clare’s that I consumed in audiobook format.  James Marsters has a voice that is well-suited to storytelling, though his volume fluctuates quite a bit and I had to constantly adjust the sound in my vehicle.  This was only a minor annoyance, however, and I found his performance to be appropriately dramatic for the content of the book.

Reader: Bekah


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The Night Country


Title: The Night Country

Author: Melissa Albert

Page Count: 331

Series: The Hazel Wood, Book 2

Publishing Date/Publisher: January 7, 2020 by Flatiron Books

Format: Hardcover

Review: This book had a great start and then…stalled out. I ripped through the first few chapters, and then found myself losing steam as nothing really seemed to happen.  The first book in this series, The Hazel Wood, was positively magical.  I found myself wrapped up in the numerous fairytales and in the overarching storyline.  I was hoping for much of the same in the follow up, and although there were some similarities, it wasn’t nearly as engaging as it’s predecessor.   It was still dark and twisted, but there were less stories and it focused on a mystery that dragged on before ending abruptly.  In the interim of time that has passed between Alice and Finch’s last meeting, Finch has been traveling between worlds.  Sadly the reader sees almost none of that.  Similarly, years have passed for Alice, but we still have no idea what she is doing aside from moping around.  As with many sequels for books I loved, I just expected more than what I got.  I am unclear if this is a duology or a series because the ending seemed to be rather definitive.  I can’t imagine where the story would go from here, but maybe Albert will surprise me.

Reader: Bekah



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Empire of Storms


Title: Empire of Storms

Author: Sarah J. Maas

Page Count: 704

Series: Throne of Glass, Book 5

Publishing Date/Publisher: September 6, 2016 by Bloomsbury Children’s Books

Format: Paperback

Review: My opinion of this book is very similar to my opinion of the last few books in this series.  The action throughout is thrilling and the ending is particularly strong.  Although this book is still categorized as Young Adult fiction like it’s predecessors, I would argue that it would more accurately be categorized as New Adult fiction.  Aelin is now 20 years old, and the romances depicted in this series have gotten increasingly steamy with each installment.  There is a whole lot of sex in book 5, so young readers be prepared if you are not expecting it!

My biggest gripe with this series in general is that Aelin’s elaborate scheming always seems to pan out just the way she envisions.  Of course there is a real wrench thrown in at the end to keep the series going, but overall, things just seem to always work out, no matter how great the odds are stacked against them.  A lot of it is rather far-fetched…for example, Aelin calls in a favor with one particular ally without actually communicating what it is she needs.  The ally just happens to glean exactly what Aelin wants by receiving cryptic reports from a spy.  Ohhhkkayyy.  Seems unlikely.  But I am going to move past it because I made it this far and I am still enjoying the series enough to finish two more lengthy books.

Reader: Bekah



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Queen of Shadows


Title: Queen of Shadows

Author: Sarah J. Maas

Page Count: 648

Series: Throne of Glass, Book 4

Publishing Date/Publisher: September 1, 2015 by Bloomsbury USA Childrens

Format: Paperback

Review: I was so excited to start The Assassin’s Blade that I actually forgot to write a review for this book…oops.  I suppose this is a compliment to Maas, who continues to impress me with her epic sagas.

At the conclusion of this book, it seemed like the series had reached it’s climax, only for Maas to throw another curveball that completely changes the game.  I really appreciate this about Maas, because while some aspects of her story are predictable and formulaic, she somehow always manages to surprise me with the overall direction of the plot.  I would say that reading this book, it was the first time that I really contemplated whether this series takes place in the same world as her A Court of Thorns and Roses series.  For some reason I found this prospect to be thrilling, and I look forward to seeing new lands in the next three books.

As with the last book, Maas introduced new characters that I have grown very fond of, and I look forward to seeing how their storylines develop as well.

Also, revenge is sweet, and you get plenty of that in this particular installment.

Reader: Bekah



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The Assassin’s Blade


Title: The Assassin’s Blade

Author: Sarah J. Maas

Page Count: 448

Series: Throne of Glass, 0.1-0.5

Publishing Date/Publisher: March 4, 2014 by Bloomsbury Childrens

Format: Paperback

Review: Truly my only regret in picking up this collection of novellas is that I didn’t do so sooner.  This collection is broken into five short stories that provide more context for Celaena’s backstory.  Maas artfully interweaves storylines and characters that later appear in the Throne of Glass series into heart-pounding and thrilling adventures.  The only novella that really had me struggling to get through it was the last one, and that was simply because I knew what devastating outcome awaited Celaena.

Maas is very formulaic in how she builds her romances – two people formerly at odds become passionate lovers – and the romance that ties together these short stories is no different.  I found this to be slightly annoying at first, however, Sam was just so lovable as a character that I couldn’t help but fall for him.  To be frank, the rest of Celaena’s romantic history really lost some of its sparkle after reading this because, well, I still wanted her to be with Sam.  Because he is not actually present in any of the Throne of Glass books, I did not realize how influential he was in shaping Celaena’s later decisions.  Celaena’s character has a certain naivety in these stories that no longer exists after the events that transpire in these novellas.

Now that I have picked up back where I left off in the Throne of Glass series, characters and events that are mentioned in passing suddenly make more sense and I am provided subtle clarity as I comb back through my memories of what has happened so far.  I look forward to seeing more connections as I continue forward with the series.

Reader: Bekah



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Title: Renegades

Author: Marissa Meyer

Performer: Rebecca Soler and Dan Bittner

Length: 17 hr, 5 min, 45 sec

Series: Renegades, Book 1

Publishing Date/Publisher: 2017 by MacMillan Young Listeners

Format: eAudiobook

Review: I am a big fan of Marissa Meyer and Rebecca Soler, so I knew I simply must listen to this book in audiobook format.  Soler’s performance was stellar as always, but this particular book didn’t really showcase the breadth of her talent like other books written by Marissa Meyer have.   There was not a lot of character voice variance, though this was partially because the second POV was narrated by a second performer.

As for the story itself, I have to start by saying that I really enjoy Meyer’s ability to write emotional origin stories for villains.  This book sort of falls in that category, though I would not compare it to Heartless or Fairest.  This book is written in two POVs, and this worked really well for this particular story, because it really highlights the blur between the hero and villain narrative.  Both characters are fundamentally good people with radically different experiences and ideas.  This puts them at odds, and while society worships one, they demonize the other.  This creates some intriguing conflicts, and leads to a lot of character development.

Despite it’s many merits, I would not say this is Meyer’s strongest book.  I love the X-Men stories, and though their influence is clearly apparent in this book, I found the story dragged a bit long and at some points frustrated me.  I found it very odd that the Renegades embraced Nova so completely and she so easily infiltrated their ranks.  I also found some of Nova’s ideology to be a bit contradictory, and her backstory did not fully convince me that it made sense for her to so whole-heartedly despise the Renegades.  The conclusion sort of surprised me, though I had already predicted some of the plot twists.  It was more of the manner in which they were revealed that surprised me rather than the actual reveals themselves.  Based on the ending,  I am strongly considering reading the next book, however, I am in no rush and will be attacking other books in my “to read” pile first.

Reader: Bekah


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