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At Any Price


Title: At Any Price

Author: Brenna Aubrey

Page Count: 391

Series: Gaming the System

Publishing Date/Publisher: 2013, Silver Griffon Associates

Format: eBook

Review: I read this on the plane to Boston after my trip home for the holidays earlier this year, and let me just say that that was an awkward experience. Ever tried reading a romance novel on a plane, where people can see your screen? I don’t recommend it. But I do recommend this book/series. I continued the rest of them while holed up in my hotel room (Boston is super cold in January- who knew?) and it was the perfect break from all the research I was doing during the day. It let me relax my mind and not think about anything but the life of the two lovebirds.

I have to admit one more thing before I go onto the rest of the review: I bought the book because I read the synopsis and thought it would be hilariously bad. I was very pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t! I think that while the synopsis was accurate, it really lets the book down. I can’t be the only one that laughed at it, and not everyone enjoys reading hilariously bad books like I do and wouldn’t give it a chance.

I found it really hard to put down, and therefore read through it very quickly. One plane ride across the country was plenty of time to slip into the world of Mia Strong and Adam Drake and the auction for her virginity (I told you sounds absurd). Both characters are strong and independent and very lovable, despite their flaws. I also loved the nerdy sub-plot of video game quests and the friendships formed from online gaming.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get tied up in someone else’s problems for a little bit. The series follows Mia and Adam for a few books, then moves onto their friends. I have only read the Mia and Adam ones so far, but if I have time in the future, I would like to read the rest.

Reader: Kymberly


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