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Long May She Reign

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Title: Long May She Reign

Author: Rhiannon Thomas

Page Count: 422

Series: N/A

Publishing Date/Publisher: February 1, 2017 by HarperTeen

Format: Hardcover

Review: This book was not my favorite, but I must give it credit for originality.  Our unlikely and antisocial heroine, Freya, inherits the throne after an unexpected tragedy.  Much to her dismay, she is forced into the role of queen.  Fearing that the event that led to her newfound power was the result of foul play, Freya decides to find the perpetrator of the horrific crime through…wait for it…SCIENCE.  Of course in the meantime, Freya decides to make the best of her circumstances and becomes a reluctant, albeit conscientious, ruler.

There are parts of the book I liked, but it was by no means a page turner.

Reader: Bekah



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