Fantasy · Fiction · Young Adult



Title: Bloodleaf

Author: Crystal Smith

Page Count: Unknown

Series: Bloodleaf, Book 1

Publishing Date/Publisher: March 5, 2019 by HMH Books for Young Readers

Format: eBook

Review: I found this book to be an enjoyable and quick read.  The main character is likeable, and the plot keeps a steady pace.

I did not know prior to reading this book that it is a retelling of a Grimm’s fairytale.  After reading the book, I looked up The Goose Girl and read a brief synopsis of the plot and primary characters.  My opinion of the book actually went up half a star after doing so, because I thought that the author was very clever in how she incorporated the elements of the fairytale throughout the story.  I also liked that the witch hunts and persecution of accused witches was pretty accurate to historical events.  This made the story more believable, and gave it an interesting twist.

The reason this book was not quite four stars for me is because I think that the setting and some of the characters, namely Kellan, really needed to be fleshed out more.  The plot was well-developed, but it was hard for me to picture events because descriptions of the cities and other locations were not very vivid.  As for Kellan, I did not really understand the relationship between him and the main character, Aurelia.  I assume his character will get more page time in the next two books, as this is slotted to be a trilogy, but I honestly felt that this book should have been a standalone.  The ending provided a lot of closure; so much so that I was actually surprised to find out that the story is going to be extended into two more books.

Reader: Bekah


All_Star_GoldAll_Star_GoldAll_Star_Goldhalf star

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