Romance · Young Adult

We’ll Always Have Summer


Title: We’ll Always Have Summer

Author: Jenny Han

Performer: Jessica Almasy

Length: 6 hr, 45 min

Series: Summer, Book 3

Publishing Date/Publisher: 2011 by Recorded Books

Format: eAudiobook

Review: I wasn’t particularly surprised by the ending of this book, but the author really does make you wait until the epilogue to know which brother Belly ends up with.  I felt Belly’s anguish was very relatable throughout the final book, and it is a relief to know that she ends up happy despite it all.

My feelings regarding Conrad and Jeremiah are mixed.  Both characters are deeply flawed, and it was difficult for me to determine Conrad’s motivators in particular.  His love for Belly did not feel very authentic to me, even after I was given insight into his feelings.

To be perfectly honest, I was not as invested in this book as I was in the two that precede it.  I had a very strong suspicion about how it would all play out, and I was pretty much on the mark.  I’m glad that I finished the trilogy though and I would very much consider reading other books written by this author.

Reader: Bekah


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