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Unbreak Me


Title: Unbreak Me

Author: Michelle Hazen

Page Count: 304

Series: N/A

Publishing Date/Publisher: August 13, 2019 by Berkley

Format: eBook

Review: Reading this book felt like being locked in somebody else’s fantasy.  Despite the serious subject matter in the two characters’ backstories, there was surprising little substance to the storyline.  Pretty much anything worthy of note about the characters is described in the book’s synopsis, and both characters were just too…perfect.  Any perceived “flaws” in their personalities were a direct result of their trauma, and were therefore not really flaws at all.  And of course both were tall, beautiful people with bangin’ bods.  By the end of the book I still knew very little about the characters other than they had both lived through a traumatic experience and loved working with horses.   The sex scenes also seemed wildly unrealistic (this is one of those books where the woman is achieving orgasms almost instantaneously, and of course a double climax at the end!). *insert eye roll here* I’m sure some people can enjoy this type of romance novel, but alas it just wasn’t for me.

Reader: Bekah


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