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The Night Country


Title: The Night Country

Author: Melissa Albert

Page Count: 331

Series: The Hazel Wood, Book 2

Publishing Date/Publisher: January 7, 2020 by Flatiron Books

Format: Hardcover

Review: This book had a great start and then…stalled out. I ripped through the first few chapters, and then found myself losing steam as nothing really seemed to happen.  The first book in this series, The Hazel Wood, was positively magical.  I found myself wrapped up in the numerous fairytales and in the overarching storyline.  I was hoping for much of the same in the follow up, and although there were some similarities, it wasn’t nearly as engaging as it’s predecessor.   It was still dark and twisted, but there were less stories and it focused on a mystery that dragged on before ending abruptly.  In the interim of time that has passed between Alice and Finch’s last meeting, Finch has been traveling between worlds.  Sadly the reader sees almost none of that.  Similarly, years have passed for Alice, but we still have no idea what she is doing aside from moping around.  As with many sequels for books I loved, I just expected more than what I got.  I am unclear if this is a duology or a series because the ending seemed to be rather definitive.  I can’t imagine where the story would go from here, but maybe Albert will surprise me.

Reader: Bekah



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