The Murder of King Tut


Title: The Murder of King Tut

Author: James Patterson and Martin Dugard

Performer: Joe Barrett

Length: 5hrs 59 min

Series: N/A

Publishing Date/Publisher: Little, Brown and Company

Format: Audiobook

Review: Do you want to read a horrible book that includes sex scenes and scenes of sexual assault on minors? Do you want to read a book that just abruptly ends chapters for no reason, in the middle of a conversation? Then read this book!

But seriously, don’t read this book. It’s horrible. It’s disgusting. So people married young in the past, that doesn’t mean we need to go into detail about what happens in said marital bed. They are CHILDREN. That’s just so gross. To be honest, I couldn’t even finish it. It was that bad.

It was also horribly researched and the authors proclaim that Tut was murdered like they just took a sixth grade history class. We know that. It’s obvious. To call this historical fiction is a slap in the face to actual historical fiction. Hence me tagging it as ‘Fiction’.

Reader: Kymberly


No stars. None. I would give minus if I could.

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