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Kent State

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Title: Kent State

Author: Deborah Wiles

Performers: Christopher Gebauer, Lauren Ezzo, Christina DeLaine, Johnny Heller, Roger Wayne, Korey Jackson, & David de Vries

Length: 1 hr, 59 min, 56 sec

Series: N/A

Publishing Date/Publisher: 2020 by Scholastic Audio

Format: eAudiobook

Review: Poetry is not really my thing, so it was hard to rate this book.  I listened to it in eAudiobook format, so it really felt like I was listening to a play with all the back and forth dialogues and monologues.  I personally did not really enjoy it, but I didn’t give it a low rating because I appreciate the amount of research that went into it and I liked that the author showed several different conflicting perspectives.  This gave a more complete picture of what happened (and why) on the fateful and tragic day of May 4, 1970.

Reader: Bekah



One thought on “Kent State

  1. This story intrigues me. I can’t believe that Kent State was 50 years ago. Yet I didn’t see anything on the news about the anniversary. That’s sad. I am going to listen to this as well. Thanks for the recommendation


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