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By Sea & Sky: An Esowon Story

Title: By Sea & Sky: An Esowon Story

Author: Antoine Bandele

Performer: John Rogers

Length: 9 hr, 56 min

Series: The Sky Pirate Chronicles, Book 1

Publishing Date/Publisher: 2020 by Audible Audio

Format: eAudiobook

Review: This really may be a matter of personal preference, but this book had far too much action and not enough plot/character development for my tastes. In my mind, it was kind of the equivalent of one of those action packed movies that has so many explosions you eventually become unaffected by them. The battle sequences were so long, that rather than finding them thrilling, I just wanted to move on with the story. I was thoroughly unsatisfied with the backstories for Karim and Zala, and therefore had difficulty connecting with them as characters. The past is referenced often, but not in much detail, so the picture of how we got to this place of conflict is unclear. In short, I liked the concept of this book far more than the execution.

I listened to this book in audiobook format and I thought the performer did a good job even though I wasn’t really feeling the storyline.

Reader: Bekah



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