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The Kinder Poison

Title: The Kinder Poison

Author: Natalie Mae

Page Count: 416

Series: The Kinder Poison, Book 1

Publishing Date/Publisher: June 16, 2020 by Razorbill

Format: eBook

Review: This book was a pleasant surprise. Sometimes when I am waiting for books that are on hold, I will browse our “Available Now” eBook collection for something to read in the interim. The description of the book sounded interesting, but to be honest I almost passed it up because of the cover. The cover looks like something someone with photoshop slapped together on an offensively bright purple background. It certainly does not do the story within it’s pages justice, so I’m glad I selected it despite my initial hesitation.

Zahru was a character I found to be likeable and funny. I enjoyed watching her maneuver through the complexities of her situation (a situation of her own making, mind you). The “villain” of the story was complex, which I can always appreciate. After reading the synopsis for the next book, I think I can predict the direction this story is headed in, and I am on board.

I’m honestly surprised I have never heard of this book. It has a good balance of adventure, intrigue, and romance. I’ve seen other reviewers describe this book as character driven, and I would say that is a very fair assessment. The author hasn’t done a huge amount in the way of backstory for the world she has created, but she has done well in creating a protagonist worth rooting for. I’m looking forward to continuing her story in the next book.

Reader: Bekah



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