My Sister, The Serial Killer


Title: My Sister, The Serial Killer

Author: Oyinkan Braithwaite

Page Count: 240

Series: N/A

Publishing Date/Publisher: November 20, 2018 by Double Day Books

Format: eBook

Review: This is truly a breakout year for debut Nigerian authors.  First Tomi Adeyemi delivers the first book in a thrilling new YA fantasy series, and now Oyinkan Braithwaite brings to the table a wonderfully crafted family drama.

Despite its dark content, this book was an absolute delight.  I often found myself imagining how I would react in the situations Korede found herself in.  As someone with two younger sisters, I know how strong and complex the sibling bond can be.  To further complicate the relationship, Korede and Ayoola’s bond is forged not only by love (more notably Korede’s), but by shared trauma.  As Ayoola’s lifelong protector, Korede shoulders the burden of saving Ayoola from the consequences of her crimes.  Ayoola herself is an interesting paradox because her exquisite beauty makes her both a victim and a perpetrator of extreme violence.

At times witty, and at times chilling, this book really had me questioning exactly how far I would go to protect the ones I love.

Reader: Bekah



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