The Minimalist Home: A Room-By-Room Guide to a Decluttered, Refocused Life


Title: The Minimalist Home: A Room-by-Room Guide to a Decluttered, Refocused Life

Author: Joshua Becker

Page Count: 240

Series: N/A

Publishing Date/Publisher: December 18, 2018 by Waterbrook Press

Format: eBook

Review: Minimalism is all the rage right now.  Whether it be your wardrobe or your home, there are many people who will espouse the principles of a more simplistic lifestyle.  There is a lot of information and research that can attest to the benefits of minimalism (it’s cost-efficient, time-saving, environmentally friendly, etc.), but what I really liked about this book is that it thoroughly addresses the after of decluttering your life.  Other books I have read on this topic take a similar approach to Becker and outline methods to declutter and minimize your possessions room-by-room so that you can focus your time and money on less tangible pursuits such as building a healthier, happier life; however, few address how to realistically maintain this change.  Things have a way of accumulating, despite best intentions, and Becker outlines ways you can continue to live minimally well after the initial purge.

Overall, I found this book very easy to understand and very applicable to minimizing an average household.  There were many personal testimonies and anecdotes interjected throughout the book, but I personally did not find them to be very useful and skipped through most of them.  Others may find these enjoyable to read, but I personally do not need to be convinced that adopting this sort of lifestyle would be to my benefit.

Reader: Bekah



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