Contemporary · Fiction · Young Adult

Six Goodbyes We Never Said


Title: Six Goodbyes We Never Said

Author: Candace Ganger

Page Count: 416

Series: N/A

Publishing Date/Publisher: September 24, 2019 by Wednesday Books

Format: eBook

Review: Loved the cover, loved the title, even loved a couple of the characters *cough Dew and Violet cough cough*, but did not love this book.  The writing felt very disjointed to me, I did not care for one of the main characters (Naima), and the ending just didn’t carry the weight that I thought it should given the subject matter.  There was a lot about this book that confused me, and I am not sure that I liked the way that mental illness is portrayed.  I got the impression that Naima is supposed to be this prickly and guarded, yet lovable individual, but for the most part, I thought she was cruel and hurtful and incredibly selfish.  I tried to like her, I really did, it just didn’t happen.  Maybe this book will really resonate with someone, but that someone wasn’t me.

Reader: Bekah


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