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Blood and Sand


Title: Blood and Sand

Author: C.V. Wyk

Performer: Brittany Pressley

Length: 8 hr, 58 min, 58 sec

Series: Blood and Sand, Book 1

Publishing Date/Publisher: 2018 by MacMillan Young Listeners

Format: eAudiobook

Review: I really enjoyed the first half of this book because I thought the author did a great job introducing the time period, setting, and characters.  The second half of the book is where she started to lose me.  I would say that this book is more strongly categorized as historical fiction rather than fantasy.  I typically enjoy both genres immensely, but I hesitate to even call this fantasy.  It’s more like unrealistic historical fiction.  The only thing that could qualify this series as fantasy was how preposterous the fight scenes were in the second half of the book.  One scene in particular, the most pivotal in terms of driving the direction of the story, was a monumental disappointment because quite frankly it made no sense.  The fallout of this particular scene was equally disappointing.  A lot gets thrown at you at the end, and the puzzle pieces just fit together too perfectly to be realistic.

All criticisms aside, I think that Wyk is a talented writer and I enjoyed enough things about this book to continue with the series when the next book is published.

Finally, I thought the reader for this eAudiobook had a nice voice, but in my opinion wasn’t well suited for this particular book.  I’ve heard her narrate other books and liked those performances far more than I did this one.  Perhaps this is because I did not care for the character voices and accents she chose for some of the main characters, particularly Attia.

Reader: Bekah



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