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The Everlasting Rose


Title: The Everlasting Rose

Author: Dhonielle Clayton

Performer: Rosie Jones

Length: 10 hr, 19 min, 4 sec

Series: The Belles

Publishing Date/Publisher: 2019 by Blackstone Publishing

Format: eAudiobook

Review: After being completely enthralled by The Belles, I was very excited to check out this audiobook.  I eagerly waited weeks for my turn in the holds queue and when I finally got it, well I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t nearly as good as The Belles.  I still enjoyed it immensely – the author really has a poetic way with words and I could listen to the reader all day.  Rosie Jones could narrate the dictionary and I probably wouldn’t be able to stop gushing about her talent.

Unlike the first book, the plot of this book is incredibly drawn out.  The first 80% of the book was essentially just Camille evading capture, and it didn’t get really juicy until the end.  Although Sophia is still the villain of this story, she was only present from afar for most of the book.  Part of what really made the first book special was her direct role in the plot development.

The conclusion of this book was very satisfying.  I was actually a bit surprised when I saw on Goodreads that there is a third book scheduled to be released sometime next year.  Perhaps it will focus on another character?  It really felt like Camille’s story was wrapped up nicely, and there were not a lot of loose ends, if any, left to be addressed.  All I know is that I will definitely be checking it out, because I enjoyed this world well enough to be immersed in it a little longer.

Reader: Bekah


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